Resolve’s SPARKS Community Café Reopens in Hatfield

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A not-for-profit charity has reopened its community café in Hatfield – which provides much-needed support for people struggling with substance misuse – following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Deputy Lieutenant Lord Cecil attended the reopening of Resolve’s SPARKS Community Café on Saturday, May 22, in Queensway, with their ‘pay what you want’ policy allowing the town’s most vulnerable residents the chance to come in for refreshments and talk to someone about their substance misuse issues.

The charity is looking forward to the whole community visiting and supporting them.

Pictured outside the cafe are Moochers and the Sparks Team (Tilly, Rosie, Joe, Lucas). The Moochers are a couple of guys, John O’Shea and Patrick O’Reilly who have previous experience of homelessness and now busk for a living.

The second group picture outside the cafe is Deputy Lieutenant Lord Cecil, Mayor of Welwyn Hatfield Roger Trigg, and Joe Heeney; together with award winners Bethany Barthram, Debbie Thompson, Sarah Jamieson, Clive Marlow, and Georgie Lake.

Pictured inside are Lord Cecil, the Trustees Clive Marlow and Neil Steff together with Graham Ray the General Manager of Mouse Trap.