Nominating Someone for an Honour

The honours system recognises people who’ve made great achievements in public life and people who’ve committed themselves to serving Britain. They will usually have made life better for other people or been outstanding at what they do.

People get honours for achievements like:

  • Making a difference to their community or field of work
  • Enhancing Britain’s reputation
  • Long-term voluntary service
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Changing things, with an emphasis on achievement
  • Improving life for people less able to help themselves
  • Displaying moral courage and vision in making and delivering tough choices

Honours are given to people involved in different activities, including:

  • Arts and Media
  • Health
  • Education
  • Science and Technology
  • Economy (including business etc)
  • Community, Voluntary and Local Services
  • Sport
  • State (including Civil Service, Politicians etc)

How to Write a Nomination

Many people are concerned that they are not equipped to write a good nomination. However, we hope that the Cabinet Office advice below will persuade you that writing a persuasive nomination is within everybody’s reach.

How to write a Nomination  


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