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The Queen's Green Canopy 2022
Tree Planting Commences in October 2021 2022 Nominations Open until 15th September 2022 Nominations Open until 8th September 9 September


Following a meeting called by the Lord-Lieutenant involving leaders from the community and within Hertfordshire on 15th December 2020 to discuss the post-pandemic prospects of young people in Hertfordshire, a series of focus groups were set up by the Lieutenancy. The purpose was to hear directly from young people about the impact of COVID-19 on their lives over the past year and their future aspirations.

Nineteen groups from 11 different organisations participated in virtual sessions between 3 February to 19 March 2021. Sixth formers from state secondary schools and colleges, cadets and one group from The Prince’s Trust Hertfordshire Team Programme took part in small group sessions of five to seven students of mixed gender and ability.

Each group was asked six questions relating to how their studies, mental health and aspirations for the future had been affected by the pandemic. Young people were encouraged to speak openly about their feelings, hopes and fears. Their responses, captured in the report by Deputy Lieutenants Jo Connell and Marion Brown, demonstrate the impact the pandemic has had on all aspects of their lives.


Read the full report here

Hertfordshire winners of Queen's Award for Voluntary Services 2021

Four groups in our area, have been honoured with The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK:

Future Living based in Hertford helps women, men and children to live full and complete lives after their experience of domestic abuse or addiction.

Small Acts of Kindness based in Watford works in partnership in the county to reduce the negative impact of loneliness and isolation.

Sunnyside Rural Trust based in Dacorum trains adults with learning disabilities towards achieving their full potential and obtaining employment.

Ver Valley Society based in St Albans protects and promotes the River Ver chalk stream for the local community.

These are 4 of 241 charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups to receive this prestigious national award in 2021.



Visit the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service page.


Hertfordshire winners of Queen's Award for Enterprise 2021

Hertfordshire's Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance has been opened to honour The Duke of Edinburgh. You can view the book and submit a personal entry by clicking this button.


Book of Remembrance

Her Majesty The Queen urges people to 'think about others' by taking Covid jab

The Queen has urged people to be selfless and have a Covid-19 vaccination for the sake of the wider community.

She said that her jab, administered in January, had been “quite harmless” and gave her a sense of wellbeing because she felt protected.

Vaccination “didn’t hurt at all” she said. The Duke of Edinburgh was also vaccinated at the same time.

During a video call to health leaders, the Queen, 94, said it was “obviously difficult for people if they’ve never had a vaccine” but they “ought to think about other people rather than themselves”.


The Lieutenancy of Hertfordshire

Welcome to the Hertfordshire Lieutenancy. This website seeks to inform and update you on the role of our Lord-Lieutenant, Mr Robert Voss CBE CStJ, and the ways in which the Lieutenancy supports and impacts on the life of this county. Hertfordshire is a vibrant, dynamic yet diverse county whose motto is: “Trust and Fear Not”.

Lord-Lieutenants were first appointed by King Henry VIII in the 1500s to assume the military duties of the Sheriff. Today, the Queen appoints Lord Lieutenants, on the advice of the Prime Minister, to be her representative in their counties. Her Majesty The Queen appointed Mr Robert Voss CBE CStJ as her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Hertfordshire to succeed The Countess of Verulam who stepped down on 31 July 2017.

The Lord-Lieutenant upholds the dignity of the Crown and serves the community. Supported by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant and by other Deputy Lieutenants, Robert Voss is the main link between the Monarch and her people in the county.

The Queen in her capacity as ‘Head of the Nation’, in which she acts as a focus for national identity, unity and pride; gives a sense of stability and continuity; officially recognises success and excellence, and supports the ideal of voluntary service and community integration. Robert Voss gives his time voluntarily to the role and helps promote and encourage voluntary and charitable organisations, local businesses, arrange visits from the Royal Family, attend civic and social activities, support the work with the Armed Forces, take part in the honours’ system and appoint appropriate Vice and Deputy Lieutenants.

While the Lieutenancy’s role has evolved over time, much like that of the Monarchy’s, its purpose in supporting the Crown remains. The Queen and her Government expect certain duties of the Lord-Lieutenant. These duties may broadly be classified as being: (i) to assist with visits by Members of the Royal Family; (ii) to promote, encourage and validate nominations for national honours and awards, and to present certain honours, medals and awards on behalf of The Queen, notably, these include British Empire Medals, the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) and the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise (QAE); (iii) to liaise with and support local units of the Armed Forces and associated Cadet Forces; and (iv) to lead the local magistracy as Co-chair of the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Advisory Committee for Magistrates, with the Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire.

In addition to these duties, the Lord-Lieutenant will follow the example of The Queen and other members of the Royal Family in seeking generally to promote a spirit of co-operation through the encouragement he gives to voluntary service, and to benevolent organisations, and by the interest he takes in the business, industrial, community and social life of the County, and of its affairs generally.

You are invited to use this website to familiarise yourself with the workings of the Hertfordshire Lieutenancy and the way in which it can act as a conduit for you to the Royal Family, the Honours System, Queen’s Awards and congratulatory messages.

For a full description of the Lieutenancy click here.



The Lord-Lieutenant’s mission statement is: To take the Lieutenancy to the people of Hertfordshire.

Recent Events


Delighted to receive HRH The Princess Royal at The Lister Hospital to meet the Butterfly Volunteers and present their ⁦@QueensAwardVS⁩. Thank you to HRH for taking time to speak to every one of the volunteers. ⁦@enherts⁩ #volunteers


Enjoyed a tour of Greenside Special School for pupils with severe or profound learning difficulties in #Stevenage and to help present the ⁦@LordsTaverners⁩ minibus-number 1277 as a proud Taverner...! Lovely to meet the pupils and wonderful staff.


A pleasure to present ⁦@QueensAwardVS⁩ to ⁦@sunnyside_news⁩. A beautiful lunchtime event meeting many of the wonderful volunteers and young people. Another great #Hertfordshire volunteer-led organisation. Thank you DLs Jo Connell and David Cansdale for your assessment


A pleasure to present eleven #Hertfordshire residents with their British Empire Medals in the beautiful historic Old Palace of ⁦@hatfieldhouse⁩. Such a diverse group of worthy recipients all giving so much support to their community. ⁦@RoyalFamily⁩

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