Spotlight on Minority Histories

Hertfordshire County Council’s Black Asian and Minority Ethnic network is working to raise the profile of minority heritage and culture in the county.  The network is calling for stories, documents, photos and records that cover events such as Windrush and Covid-19, as well as success stories (individual, community or business) and life stories. 

Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies are collaborating with the network to ensure that these stories are preserved and made accessible to future generations.  We will also be co-creating a new online exhibition for Black History Month in October.

Please send your submissions and any enquiries to bame@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Hertfordshire's Book of Remembrance

 A significant number have died, both because of the Covid-19 disease and for other reasons, leaving loved ones mourning their loss.  Because of the characteristics of the disease, those who have lost members of their families, or their friends, have not been able to be with them when they died or been able to hold a proper funeral or memorial event, leaving jagged edges of grief which will be difficult to heal. Hertfordshire Lieutenancy sends it’s deepest sympathies and has opened a Book of Remembrance to honour these citizens.

You can view the book and submit a personal entry by clicking this button.


Book of Remembrance

The Great British Monarchy Quiz!

Lord-Lieutenant's NHS and Hospice Wish Lists Appeal

The Lord-Lieutenant discussed with the Chairs of the East and North and the West Herts NHS trusts together with the PAH trust in Harlow (which covers a large part of East Hertfordshire) and asked for their wish lists of most needed items, and he has now included the wish lists from the eight Hospices serving Hertfordshire.

Thank you for your much-needed support.

Full details can be found at: NHS Trusts and Hospices Wish Lists

The Lieutenancy of Hertfordshire

Welcome to the Hertfordshire Lieutenancy. This website seeks to inform and update you on the role of our Lord-Lieutenant, Mr Robert Voss CBE, and the ways in which the Lieutenancy supports and impacts on the life of this county. Hertfordshire is a vibrant, dynamic yet diverse county whose motto is: “Trust and Fear Not”.

Lord Lieutenants were first appointed by King Henry VIII in the 1500s to assume the military duties of the Sheriff. Today, the Queen appoints Lord Lieutenants, on the advice of the Prime Minister, to be her representative in their counties. Her Majesty The Queen appointed Mr Robert Voss CBE as her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Hertfordshire to succeed The Countess of Verulam who stepped down on 31 July 2017.

The Lord-Lieutenant upholds the dignity of the Crown and serves the community. Supported by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant and by other Deputy Lieutenants, Robert Voss is the main link between the Monarch and her people in the county.

Robert Voss gives his time voluntarily to the role and helps promote and encourage voluntary and charitable organisations, local businesses, arrange visits from the Royal Family, attend civic and social activities, support the work with the Armed Forces, take part in the honours’ system and appoint appropriate Vice and Deputy Lieutenants.

You are invited to use this website to familiarise yourself with the workings of the Hertfordshire Lieutenancy and the way in which it can act as a conduit for you to the Royal Family, the Honours System, Queen’s Awards and congratulatory messages.

The Lord-Lieutenant’s mission statement is: To take the Lieutenancy to the people of Hertfordshire.

Recent Events


Delighted to present this well deserved award in a socially distanced garden together with DL @khollandhibbert . Congratulations to the many volunteers at the Community Centre for everything you do to enhance the lives of the people of Mill End and beyond. @QueensAwardVS

Exciting news!! A stunning new wildlife photo exhibition launches tomorrow with all proceeds donated to HCF. Please help us to spread the word. The prints will make lovely Christmas gifts! @HHollandHibbert @BBC3CR @Helen_E_Gray @ResolveCharity @hertsad @HertsMercury @hertslife https://twitter.com/hertsinfocus/status/1307940462762905601

A lovely afternoon picnic with several ⁦@musclewarrior⁩ families in the beautiful garden at Munden. Well done ⁦@MichaelMc_Grath⁩ for organising and to ⁦@khollandhibbert⁩ and ⁦@HertsSheriff⁩ for their hospitality. A good time was had by all.

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