St Albans Deputy Lieutenants Meet Local MP Daisy Cooper

St Albans Deputy Lieutenants Meet Local MP Daisy Cooper
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On 12 March 2020, Deputy Lieutenants Dione Verulam, Lionel Wallace, Penny Williams and Akhtar Zaman met with their recently elected local Member of Parliament Daisy Cooper. It was an opportunity to learn about each others roles, responsibilities and priorities.

The DLs explained the history and role of the Lieutenancy, the work they carry out upholding the dignity of the Crown, promoting the Monarchy, and supporting and promoting Hertfordshire and its citizens. In return, Daisy Cooper MP provided a brief summary of her background, local priorities for her tenure, and national political party responsibilities. This was followed by a range of questions posed by the Deputy Lieutenants on:

  • Her campaigns and priorities for local issues
  • Local environmental issues
  • Challenges faced by the local youth to stay living in St. Albans
  • Supporting Hertfordshire’s Year of Culture
  • Dealing with the Corona Virus.