Norman McGlynn MBE Celebrates his 101st Birthday

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Norman McGlynn MBE celebrated his 101st birthday with a special card from the Lord-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire Robert Voss CBE CStJ.

Norman’s celebrations for his 101st birthday included personal delivery of his favourite meal – fish and chips with peas, a slice of white bread and butter, and tartare sauce.

Norman was born in 1919, just after the end of the First World War. This was 10 months after his father had been released from a German POW camp, decided to walk home, and finally returned to his wife in the Staffordshire Potteries area.

Family economics dictated that Norman should take up the offer of a posting in the civil service, firstly in Birmingham, then onto London.

In 1968 he was awarded the MBE for his services to the nation, particularly for his role as primary negotiator between the government, Rolls Royce and Lockheed Martin, ensuring Rolls Royce remained strike-free during negotiations with Lockheed for the Airliner Tri Star jet engines, a condition that Lockheed had imposed as a negotiating condition. This was at a time when Great Britain had a terrible reputation for frequent strikes and long tea breaks.


Arranging a VIP delivery for a 100th Birthday

If you would like the Lord-Lieutenant to personally deliver the message for a 100th or subsequent birthday then please contact the Clerk to the Lieutenancy to make the arrangement. If the Lord-Lieutenant is unable, through commitments, to deliver the message personally she will arrange for the Vice Lord-Lieutenant or one of his Deputy Lieutenants to attend.