Hertfordshire’s Royal Wedding invitees had a great day!

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2,640 people were invited to watch the wedding from inside the Castle Grounds. Many came from charities close to the couple, as well as over 1,200 who were nominated by their Lord Lieutenants, including Hertfordshire

A great day was had by all, exemplified by very positive feedback from the invitees:

“My daughter and I had the most fantastic and memorable day .There was virtually no traffic going or returning home ,the instructions and organisation by Windsor Castle was faultless ,the weather was perfect and we had a front row position opposite the Deanery enabling us to see everything and everyone as they passed by .The Service was broadcast from various speakers around the grounds so we heard it all .

It was the most fantastic day and I feel extremely privileged to have been invited .

Please thank the Lord Lieutenant on my behalf for indirectly enabling us to experience a day never to be forgotten. “



“What a wonderful day my wife and I had. We felt so honoured to be included in this happy event. The whole day was very well organised from the time we travelled there (following the purple not yellow brick road) with our own car parking spot, to the fast track route through the crowds, to the reassuring security, to the unexpected “goody bags” and to sitting in the best position to see the action.

And we certainly had the perfect  spot to see the guests including the royal family . So yes, we did see the Beckhams, the Clooneys, the Middletons, Elton John and so many others. And it was lovely to see the Royal family up close including Prince Phillip who got out of the car and walked into the Chapel unaided. It was humbling too  to see several people in uniform who had lost limbs but who walked into the Chapel slowly but proudly. The crowd outside followed the service and you could hear our cheers inside the Chapel when Prince Harry and Megan were pronounced husband and wife. The climax of course was seeing the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex drive in their carriage right in front of us and were sure they actually waved at us. And although Megan and Harry had loud cheers throughout the day the loudest cheer of all was for the Queen.

Throughout the whole day everyone was so friendly and kind to each other. We came from all walks of life and yet all realised how privileged and lucky we were to share in this very happy occasion . 

We also met such interesting people and one of the lasting memories from the day is that people of all ages and from different backgrounds came together to celebrate a happy occasion and shared their stories, packed lunches and enjoyment unselfishly. And they were all without exception so nice. What hope it gives for the future.”