Hertfordshire’s 2021 QAVS Nominees Reception

Category : Events

On 16th February 2021, a virtual zoom reception was held for Hertfordshire’s seven 2021 QAVS nominees. Teams represented were:

      • Communities 1st
      • Future Living Hertford
      • GetYourBellyOut
      • Small Acts of Kindness
      • Sunnyside Rural Trust
      • Ver Valley Society
      • West Herts Charity Trust

The Lord-Lieutenant Robert Voss CBE welcomed and congratulated all the nominees, followed by the Chair of Hertfordshire County Council Colette Wyatt-Lowe and then the Chair of the QAVS Panel Penny Williams. Others in attendance included Vice Lord-Lieutenant Richard Beazley,  Deputy-Lieutenants – John Palmer, David Cansdale, Penny Williams, Janie Wentworth-Stanley, Jo Connel, Kate Belinis, Suzy Harvey, Vinay Tanna, Kate Holland-Hibbert, Helen Hanbury, Stuart Nagler, Akhtar Zaman and the Lord-Lieutenants Cadets – Lizzie Burridge, Amy Lowin, Isobel Swann, Holly Allen.


Best of luck to all these worthy nominees.