East Herts Council Holocaust Memorial Day Commemoration

Category : Events

On 24th January 2019, Lord Lieutenant Robert Voss CBE and Akhtar Zaman DL attended the East Herts Council Holocaust Memorial Day Commemoration. A number of dignitaries and Council Leaders were also in attendance.

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust encourages remembrance in a  world scarred by genocide, including Nazi Germany, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur.

The commemoration hosted by Council Vice Chairman Jonathan Kaye, with warm welcomes from Council Chairman Keith Warnell, and Council Leader Linda Haysey. All the readings based around this year’s theme of Torn From Home were very poignant and thought provoking with personal accounts given by Jwan Hasan, a Syrian Refugee, and Robert Voss who gave an account of his own families suffering in Nazi Germany.

Two of Lord Lieutenants cadets were in attendance, and the Zemel Choir contributed through out the evening with several Holocaust songs.